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The “Parade to Hope” is an augmented reality parade which will keep going indefinitely in the search of “hope”. The parade is able to determine where people’s hope is the strongest geographically at any given time. The thought of hope is always changing in people’s minds, so often time hope will have moved before the parade can reach it. This keeps the parade on a never ending journey searching for hope.

This video is a documentation of the parade’s creation.

As the parade travels, it adds to itself things of hope specific to it’s geographic location. This means the parade is constantly changing according to where hope is found. The parade changes as people’s idea of hope changes.
If the parade ever reaches the center of hope there will be an triumphant celebration.
The parade officially began on April 8th, 2011 at the at Devotion Gallery located at the intersection of Maujer and Lorimar Street.
This video is a documentation of the parade’s creation.

Mark Skwarek is the parade's official acting ambassador.

This site is dedicated The Parade to Hope a live event that took place on April 8th at the gradually melts the sky show at Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.