DC Webcam

DC Flood 2006 --project- Mark Skwarek -- code- Damon Baker -- shown at "MFA Row 2006 - Turned Me On". This is a real-time WebCam feed of Washington DC augmented by a virtual overlay of the flood.

webcam site   frame capture
I texture mapped frame captures from a Washington D.C. webcam to a 2d plain in maya [3d modeling software]. Sadly the webcam is currently no longer operational.
webcame image converted into 3d relief



I then converted the image plain into different layers and created a three-dimensional relief to produce a overall 3d perspective image.

I then added additional modeling for the cloud, sky, and water so that I could augment the webcam feed.


As the webcam updated, it automatically update the model 's texture map with the real-time web frame captures.

The overall effect was that of looking at a real-time Washington D.C. facing a flood of biblical proportions.






© 2007 Mark Skwarek